WilMarc: Leading the Crusade against PVC-Based Medical Devices

Top 10 Medical Device Startups - 2020

The medical device sector is witnessing a torrent of technological advances, global regulatory disruption and emerging market opportunities. These technological advancements are encouraging medical device startups to build a better healthcare world. Many companies are embracing data-driven technologies for production intelligence, product innovations, and prepare for regulatory change.

With the emergence of innovative technologies, the medical field is witnessing a tremendous rise in diversified and efficient manufacturing, taking the healthcare industry to the next level. Today’s medical device manufacturers are incorporating technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning into developing medical devices. Such high-tech devices can quickly diagnose conditions, identify the disease, and create efficiencies in everything from clinical trials to clinical practices. The field of robotics is also profoundly changing the healthcare landscape, helping doctors treat patients, and automate research laboratories. Medical device Start-ups are even crafting nanotechnology or microbots as they are proving to be very beneficial in targeting specific areas like a tumour.

Besides, extended reality modes like VR, AR, and mixed reality have also been transforming the medica device industry. High-class healthcare facilities are attracting manufacturers to use such extended reality modes as it allows healthcare facilities to gather data in the 3D format and thus, enhance patient’s care and treatment. By establishing cloud in the manufacturing processes is helping manufacturers to minimize the overall costs and, at the same time, enhance the efficiency in delivering care to the patients.

At this juncture, a wide variety of medical device start-ups are entering the industry with advanced and integrated smart medical device technologies. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed solution providers, MD Tech Review has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 Medical Device Start-ups 2020.’ The enlisted organizations are transforming medical processes and services at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you MD Tech Reviews’, “Top 10 Medical Device Start-ups - 2020.”

    Top Medical Device Startups

  • WilMarc designs, manufactures, and markets PVCand Phthalate-free disposable medical devices with a focus on anesthesia and respiratory products


  • Augmedics


    Augmedics develops xvision – an Augmented-Reality Head-Mounted Display for spine surgery. xvision allows surgeons to see the patient’s anatomy through skin and tissue, as if they had "X-Ray Vision"​. Based on Augmedics’ patented technology, the xvision system can project the patient’s anatomy, in real time, directly onto the surgeon’s retina, with surgical precision and outstanding depth perception. xvision will increase safety in surgery, reduce x-ray radiation, and facilitate minimally invasive procedures

  • BioVentrix


    BioVentrix is a privately held medical device company headquartered in San Ramon, CA, USA. Our mission is to improve and expand the treatment available for congestive heart failure (CHF) caused by ischemic cardiomyopathy, through the development of less invasive, catheter-based approaches. Less Invasive Ventricular Enhancement™ or LIVE™ is a revolutionary procedure which offers a new treatment option for patients suffering from ischemic cardiomyopathy. The Revivent TC™ TransCatheter Ventricular Enhancement System is a safer and less invasive alternative to surgical ventricular remodeling. It was developed for the purpose of excluding discrete left ventricular scar, thereby reconfiguring abnormal cardiac geometry that leads to dysfunction

  • Boka Sciences

    Boka Sciences

    Boka Sciences, headquartered in Utah, is focused on quickly and accurately diagnosing patients who suffer from xerostomia (dry mouth) and other diseases that affect saliva flow. The company is developing a portfolio of products based on its proprietary Bokaflo system. The compny first product, BokaFlo, allows the clinician to diagnose xerostomia—a condition that affects an estimated 60-70 million Americans

  • CoapTech


    CoapTech seeks to bring a series of breakthrough medical devices to worldwide markets, leveraging a patented, disruptive technology called Coaptive Ultrasound which is owned by the company. CoapTech devices will reduce health care costs, and improve safety, quality, patient experience, and access to services around the globe. Coaptive Ultrasound allows point-of-care ultrasound in hollow organs. The first manifestation of this technology is for the insertion of gastrostomy tubes, i.e., gastrostomy. We have defined the use of Coaptive Ultrasound to perform this novel gastrostomy procedure, as Percutaneous Ultrasound Gastrostomy (PUG). Briefly, PUG is a point-of-care (as opposed to operating room) procedure for inserting gastrostomy tubes which can be safely performed by ultrasound-trained providers. It employs readily available medical devices such as ultrasound, feeding tubes, guidewires and dilators

  • Flyp


    Smaller and lighter than a smartphone, Flyp™ nebulizer delivers full-sized effectiveness with pocket-sized portability. It’s whisper-quiet, thanks to HypersoniQ™ technology. Its internal disk vibrates at an ultrasonic speed — 2,000 times faster than a hummingbird’s wings — creating a fine aerosol of medication. You'll find Flyp to be nimble, delivering a treatment in an average of 7 minutes. The internal battery houses enough charge for as many as 15 or more treatment and cleaning cycles, before requiring a recharge via Micro-USB

  • Monocent Inc

    Monocent Inc

    Monocent Inc. is a U.S-based developer, manufacturer and distributor of innovative In Vitro Diagnostics and Research products with a comprehensive array of superior offerings at competitive prices. Our extensive Test System portfolio includes ELISA assays, Rapid tests, chemiluminescence assays, Serology tests, IFA test systems, Veterinary tests and instrumentation available to laboratories, Hospitals, Research Institutes and distributors worldwide. We are committed to quality, customer care and manufacturing excellence. We conform to the highest Quality Management System in compliance to FDA regulations and ISO 13485-2016 standards. Its products are CE Marked and many are FDA approved. As a major contributor in international IVD field, we continuously seek to provide solutions to the unmet medical needs of the world

  • Nucryo Vascular Inc

    Nucryo Vascular Inc

    NuCryo Vascular was created in 2014, after buying the PolarCath Peripheral Dilatation Balloon System back from Boston Scientific. The PolarCath system is a peripheral dilatation system that combines angioplasty and precise cryotherapy (cooling) to uniformly dilate peripheral vessels and reduce recoil, dissections, and restenosis.The PolarCath system was first launched in the U.S. in 2003 by Cryovascular Systems, Inc. PolarCath was then purchased by Boston Scientific in 2005, where sales grew to over $40 million annually by 2008. In 2012, after Boston Scientific's purchase of Guidant and the subsequent reorganizing, Boston stopped manufacturing the PolarCath product

  • Respirix Inc

    Respirix Inc

    The company approach combines a unique physiological signal, off-the-shelf sensors, and cloud computing to predict patient health. Its early clinical studies show that Respirix can already predict 87% of the signal in an implant that is the standard of care for heart failure monitoring

  • TheraLight


    TheraLight, LLC is a medical device company and emerging global leader in innovative photomedicine technology. Representing management with over thirty years of experience, TheraLight delivers expertise in design, manufacturing, production, and regulatory compliance. We partner with healthcare professionals to bring the best and newest technology as well as provide advanced training and support to maximize clinical and financial outcomes. TheraLight was started and currently led by the founders of Aspen Lase